Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Fever: A propagator's vice

I have a confession to make.... I have an addiction... to propagation.  I know what you're thinking "so what?".  Well, I'll have you know that it has taken quite a toll on my personal life.  Naw, I'm just joshin', I mean about it taking a toll,  but truthfully I am addicted to starting new plants.  I felt the pang this morning, so strong, so acute.   "Where can I get my hands on some milkweed seeds?"  I cried out!   I have been thinking about making the parkway into a Monarch butterfly pit stop.   And of course I will need lots of milkweed to do it. Well, actually this last year (the first year here) in the garden I had a few, maybe 5 or 6 milkweeds, that came up on their own.  And that was enough to get Monarchs, so if a little is good, a lot more will be better, a lot better (plotting evil voice with hand wringing).

So I went on the inter-tubes and found a place that specializes in milkweeds!  (  And I restrained myself, and only purchased ones that should be fine with summer drought. As I have no intention of babying these guys.  Here's what I got:  Asclepias speciosa 'Davis', A. fascicularis, A. viridis, A. cordifolia, and A. asperula.   Photos below!

                                                               Asclepias speciosa 'Davis'

A. fascicularis

A. viridis

A. cordifolia

A. asperula


  1. i love milkweed! but i'm a gardening dummy--are all those photos of different types of milkweed? i can't wait to check out that butterfly site! thanks!

  2. Yep, 5 different species. Still waiting for them all to hatch!