Friday, August 26, 2011

Interesting things to do to dull plants

A little while back I was making my way out of a gated community in Laguna Beach. Imagine my surprise when I saw something inventive and fun!

Here is a great solution or alternative to dead heading... Just color the seed heads and voila! You have a whole extra season of interest.

I will admit I saw things like this done in Seattle circa 10 years ago by people like Daniel Sparler and the dynamic duo of Withey and Price. I was shocked, for one because there were so many new plants to me at that time.... I mean why couldn't there be a metallic blue flowering grass with glaucous foliage!? Cheats!  :-)

Anyway.  Something to think about. Enjoy!

P.S.  I love the way the Hydrangeas confuse the issue further!


  1. you can also use what the florists use to color flowers! it also comes in a spray can. I spray painted 60 hydrangeas coral pink for a wedding and they survived. They're prob little more friendly to the plants and available at florist suppliers.