Sunday, October 30, 2011

Second spring

Today pottering around the garden I realized it's pretty hard to tell autumn from spring in Southern California.  With the exception of a little fall color from liquidambars it's just difficult to distinguish the seasons, even my early dormant apricots are trying to fool me with some fresh springy growth.

I wanted to share a favorite friend of mine again, a plant which at the moment embodies the our second spring... Agastache 'Acapulco Pink and Orange'. At the end of August I cut back a few of the still flowering Agastaches just to see how they would respond.  The new growth was tight and beautiful.  Now I have the treat of fresh blooms for probably months to come, I will certainly be repeating next year to see if I can achieve the same effect.

Here's this morning's Agastache

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  1. Not long after reading your previous post on that plant, I found one (at Lowe's, of all places). What a fantastic little plant it has been.