Friday, December 16, 2011

Plant purchase: Urginea maritima

I broke down and spent some moola yesterday.  Roger's Gardens really does keep things interesting.  It's not everyday that I spend $17 on a single bulb but I was inspired.  Mind you, the bulb probably weighs about 5 pounds, really a whopper.

Urginea maritima is native to the Mediterranean, so it should do well for me. I hope I will see bloom the first year since it's such a large bulb.  I'll be ready for it when it shoots up with a huge spike of white flowers.

Here's my new baby


  1. Quite a handful! Dustin, the Rancho dwellers wish you the happiest of holidays, we hope to see you soon (once we both recover from our respective infirmities) ... Reuben

  2. I've been thinking of getting some of these. They might be the closest thing I can get to growing Eremurus in California. Hope yours does well.

  3. I really like this bulb. The foliage is very attractive, not just the flower. After a few years it splits and becomes two bulbs. I think I paid $10 5 years ago. I got seeds last summer for the first time and scattered them about, but no seedlings as yet.