Sunday, May 13, 2012

B Side

Hey there.

The reason I title this post B side, is that I finally got around to labeling the frames. I put a number on top and a number and A or B on the sides of the frames. In this way the progress of each frame can be monitored without confusing them.

Well, I was super eager to get into the hive today. I've been waiting/hoping for the hive to sort itself out.  Things were going great for the first two weeks then things seemed to not be going not so well...  The workers were making queens which isn't good.  Anyway, I was relieved today to see that they had not started another queen cell.  Other positive signs were present, for one the hive seemed more vigorous if a bit defensive.  There were, or so it seemed, a lot more workers in the hive, and the more bees there are the more work can be done.  Upon close examination I could see that the majority of the cells in the brood frames had eggs or larva in the open cells. I also noticed that she had laid eggs more to the edges of some of the brood frames, so in general it appears that she is laying more.  By the looks of it the queen is really in gear now.

All in all it seems like the hive is sorting itself out and it won't be too long before we are putting the first deep super on the hive.

Here are this week's pics:

by the numbers

does this bee suit make me look fat? LOL

4 B

can you spot the eggs, or the emerging worker bee?

funky frame was moved position and they turned this from brood comb to honeycomb 


capped and uncapped brood

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  1. Hey Dustin like the pic of you in the bee suit!