Monday, August 19, 2013

More Heronistas

Just wanted to do a quick visual tour of Duane West's place in western Washington. He has been very very busy.

New sheds, love the colors

'Shiro' plum = yum

Fastigiate copper beech in narrow container

Cute bird condos

his old place (lived here for 30+ years!)

I made fried oysters for dinner

All the veg from the garden

Beaver freak out moment

"alien" peony fruits

Duane West, Celia Pedersen

Echinops ritro toughing it out on the edge of the dry woodland

Ricinis 'Carmentcita' with amazing hot color

yummy veg


  1. Isn't it the "witchy" peony that has those great seedpods? I love these "Our Man in Havanna" posts from the PNW -- keep 'em coming!

  2. Would you happen to know what the 2 small trees in the Tea Cup Garden are?