Thursday, September 26, 2013

Designing with Jonathan

In the afternoon on the day I was at Chanticleer Jonathan asked me if I wanted to have fun with some of the containers on the porch (I'm sure there is some official name for that part of the house).  He gets arrange and rearrange lots of lovely ferns and other shade denizens for really excellent effects. What a job!  It reminded me of the front porch at Great Dixter.

Jonathan thought I should create a new container planting to add to his scheme.  I chose a low bowl and added some odd terra-cotta sewer pipes, I'm not sure what they were, but they were fun.  Then I loaded them up with mossy lovelies and bromeliads and we carted it off.

As you might imagine two garden designers arranging  a space took a fair amount of give and take, I think the final product was very nice. And it was certainly fun to work with Jonathan in the garden.

I will take credit for putting that half round terra cotta pot at such an extreme angle 


  1. That looks great! The tilted pot no doubt inspired by earthquakes?

  2. Must have been a great trip and a little design duel was a nice activity. I ran out of time when I hit the porch area. Good thing I didn't check it out or there's a good chance I would have sat down, dozed off and been locked up come closing time. Worse things could happen.