Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Playing rough: Blog inspiration turned mini obsession

So last week I read one of Denise's posts on A Growing Obsession about "a diamond in the rough".  She was reposting on a concrete diamond project. Well, I printed out the original template and kinda went nuts.  And to my critics I say isn't this better than most addictions?!!

Take a look at will most likely be the tip of a big iceberg.


  1. While I truly love everything Denise shares I think you've made these diamonds look even more tempting...danger!

  2. wow those looks nice! Had the same thought after I made small one... how do I make a giant one? was thinking about plywood forms, what did you use poster board?

  3. First time at your blog...those concrete diamonds are stunning in tone and surface! I'm only glad I don't have a place for such things, if they are for sale...but then again, I do designs for others' gardens.....