Thursday, September 9, 2010

Alright already...

Alright already, I'll blog.  I've resisted until now, poor grammar, inevitable inconsistency and fact that I'm not a writer have kept me from sharing.  Recently though I've been reading so many great So Cal garden blogs that I feel compelled to be a part of the community. And now that I have started my own garden (the front yard at least) there is plenty to talk about.

So I guess you can look forward to plant geekery,  close up shots of carrots and beets and pictures of ornamental grass.

For now here's a shot of the boardwalk....

Nice to meet you. And happy gardening.

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  1. Hey, there, Dustin,
    I tracked you down from a random photo I admired on the net. I'm a neighbor, fellow garden blogger in Central Cali and I've been writing a blog, however unqualified, on my new garden in the Sierra foothills,...just wanted to say I like hypertufa and succulents and since you have both in your garden I'll be coming back to visit more. Enjoying your creativity.... Sue, from Sierra Foothill Garden