Monday, September 27, 2010

Even succulents are melting in this heat!

After a year of incredibly mild weather we are having a little heat wave.  It must be the fact that we've been babied all year but I just can't stand the heat.   But I went out in the garden just now to see what is wilting and to my surprise one of the very few plants that seem to be suffering are the Senecio vitalis plants.  Just look at that photo below.  I've never seen a succulent wilt before.  I love this plant for many reasons, the bushy upright grass texture, the way it glows when back lit and the fact that it is so tough. But not today...  they are looking so fragile, like melting blue crayons.  Anyway I'm sure they're fine,  by this evening they'll be back up and running.

Keep cool!


  1. You are becoming quite the blogger.My succulents are doing okay in the heat but I watered the crap out of them during the weekend.

  2. My senecio vitalis is wilting as well. I've been searching around the internet and yours is the first reference to this I've found. I thought succulents didn't wilt either and am mystified by its behavior. It's a new plant for me so I don't know much about it, except that the tag that came with the plant said 4-8 hours of full sun. My senecio seems to prefer shade over sun and when placed in direct sun it always wilts. I keep it reasonably watered, but not too much. I do love this plant, it's definitely got a personality!

  3. Well anon, where do you garden?