Friday, April 8, 2011


I watered some pots this morning.  We were promised rain, something we are getting used to in these parts,  but only a shower here and there hit us.   While I was giving the smallest plants a bit of water I was caught by an unmistakable odd aroma.  All you knowledgable gardeners will know the aroma I mean,  one that is listed in old English tree guides as "indecent". Many trees have this smell, most of the ones I can think of have prolific small white flowers that scent the air with their dubious attractant. Carob is the worst one I can think of, I personally can't stand the smell and am thankful that none grow near me.

So, as I caught this whiff on the air I started to hunt it down.  I was shocked when I sussed out the culprit,  my old friend Geranium maderense.  Why in all these years have I never smelled it?  Anyway it isn't as strong as the carob tree, and it is in full bloom.  What a glorious plant, smell or no.


  1. My friend Marc has a not very nice way to describe the smell of Geranium madarense. I'm glad I don't have a very good sense of smell and can just enjoy the beautiful flowers.

  2. Yes. I was trying to be tactful but still tell this story. I can't believe it took all these years to finally discover the smell!