Thursday, May 19, 2011

New plant: Encelia californica 'Gimbel's Golden'

I have always wanted to discover a great new cultivar. And I am always on the lookout. A few months ago  I was hiking with my buddy Mike in Griffith Park, and along the roadside I found a variegated stem of Encelia california.  It had to ride around in a water bottle for a while, but I took good care of it.  To my delight the precious cutting struck and I have grown it up to the 2 gallon size. I have high hopes. I think the yellow variegation and yellow flowers should make it a winner.


  1. This is really favorite plant on your blog. I've seen one on catalina and the flowers were streaked with white.

  2. Hey Travis,

    Catalina? cool I'd like to take a cutting of the one you've seen. Can you find it again?