Thursday, June 2, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to the 10 freeway

While in Pacific Palisades again this afternoon I drove once past the Lake Shrine Temple.  A place which at once looks inviting and then like it requires an invitation.  But today I decided I would take my curiosity a step further.  Armed with my iphone I reconnoitered that I it was free to visit.  Pretty much that's all it takes for me, free.

I had a nice walk around.  Following along a wide shredded bark path I was impressed when I saw glimpses of a large pond (lake) with waterfalls and water jets. Further along is a large lawn area with a tall structure with golden lotus blossoms on top.  In this same area there is a shine devoted to Ghandi. Also around the pond are interesting structures such as a ship and a windmill cottage.  The overall feeling is of a more sophisticated miniature golf course (where you could meditate) with a bit of Disneyland thrown in and landscape style of Mimi's Cafe.

The Self Realization Fellowship center is one of many in California,  which are devoted to Yoga and which respect all faiths. Buddha and Jesus are represented in the garden.

It's worth stopping in if you are nearby. Pacific Coast Highway and Sunset, on your way to Malibu.


  1. I see what you mean about miniature golf. It's never miniature golf without a windmill. At the same time, the pond and spider plant/aspidistra filled grotto look inviting.

  2. Wow Dustin, this was a place I visited many times in the late 60's, early 70's. Have not thought about it a very long time. The photos you posted look exactly the same as I remember ..I guess garden renovation is not in their orbit. I just remember how peaceful it was, there never seemed to be anyone there except me, and my friends. A spiritual extension of the Sunset Blvd of the 60's.Pass the hookah.

  3. HB. There are many cool things about the gardens. I would even go back for one of the services

    KS, Thanks for the trip down memory lane. You are probably not alone