Sunday, June 12, 2011

Surprise Saturday visitor in the garden

Yesterday I was singing along with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros quietly to myself in the back, potting up some seedlings when I felt a presence.  Thinking I had the whole world to myself, Denise from A Growing Obsession was standing right next to me!  What a nice and unexpected visit.  If only Denise was a neighbor on my block, just think of all the cups of sugar we could borrow.

I had been meaning to arrange another visit to her place and of course to pillage the garden for cuttings.  Well, Denise brought them to me.  A fist full of golden bay cuttings were thrust in my general direction.  What a friend.

Then I was escorted through my own garden to the front to see something else she'd brought me.  Now this would melt any gardener's heart. I had also mentioned I wanted a cutting of the Santolina 'Lemon Fizz',  but instead of cuttings she brought a whole plant potted in one of my favorite lines (Sedona) of ceramic pots!

I think it looks great.

Thanks Denise.  Drop by anytime.  :-)

Bay cuttings ready to root!


  1. I too have been a recipient of Denise cuttings Dustin, but in my case they were delivered by the excellent MB Maher. I fear I am too distant to share a cup of sugar, but a bottle of wine, still corked keeps well on I-5

  2. That was a bit of an ambush, wasn't it? Your garden looks amazing, by the way. Coincidentally, I heard ESMZ on the radio today. He's playing at some big shindig on the Paramount lot this Wed, June 15 -- bet you know someone who can get you free tickets.

  3. Ooh, lucky you! I like that santolina! Don't have any... yet. Reading, reading, reading. and happy to listen to ESMZ, too.