Wednesday, November 9, 2011

crazy for cole

I have an obsessive personality and fortunately I'm usually able to put it to good rather than evil. Delighted by the thought of cooler weather I started thinking of what I would grow in the cool season.  There are of course many veggies that love our cool wet season like lettuces, beets, peas and of course all the cole crops or cabbage relatives.  This summer I had a real taste for sauerkraut and if you've bought the fresh sort recently you know that it's kinda pricey.  Anyway I decided that I would not only make (ferment) my own sauerkraut BUT I would actually grow the cabbage.  AND... I started the cabbage from seed, so when I say loud and proud "I MADE THIS KRAUT!" it will really be the truth.

So far I have planted 'Danish Market', 'Red Acre' and an Italian purplish savoy called "cavolo versa San Michele" ( I assume that 'San Michele' is the cultivar though I'm not entirely sure as I don't speak Italian). I have planted most of them out already and they are growing if a bit slowly with these shorter days. I should also say that I have planted some more 'Nero Toscano' kale which is an incredible grower, tasty and very healthy eating, I recommend kale chips with nutritional yeast.

As a test I fermented my own sauerkraut from a couple marked down cabbages and use the extra juice from a store bought kraut as the starter just to be sure I had all the right "bugs" to get everything going.  It took a week to ferment and it has been mellowing for about a month.  I think it could soften and mellow even more to be at its best so I'm hoping time will do that. Fermenting veggies! Yum!

By the way.... the straw is a craigslist score.  I have been waiting for Halloween to be over knowing that someone out there would have decorated with straw and sure enough three free bales!

Red Acre and kale

Danish Market

homemade sauerkraut!!!


  1. excellent idea! I want to try your Dustin-made sauerkrau, though I I'm sure the bacteria would beg to differ that they had made the kraut...

  2. my only response to that is... what's the mold without the cheese?

  3. I love sauerkraut and homemade sauerkraut even more. Does your smell goat-y? Seriously, I need to come over. Soon. I'm still working through my cold but I swear I will be there ASAP. So many beautiful lovelies!

  4. The sauerkraut did go through an unfortunate funky phase, but it has mellowed nicely. I'm hoping the texture will go a little softer.