Friday, November 18, 2011


I'm getting desperate for privacy and a little tired of spending money.

Here is my solution... for now:

old chain link fence +

unwanted bamboo from one person's garden +

tie wire +

Thunbergia elata 'Lemon Star' =


                                                                       The before

                                                                        The after
You can't really see here but there is actually two small freshly planted Thunbergias planted under the bamboo, you can see the one planted earlier in the season to the left.


  1. I was just at a nursery in Santa Barbara and saw some Thunbergia completely covering a little shed. It will fill in nicely. The bamboo is a nice start though. I'm so sick of living in the city and all my neighbors I want to live on several acres when I move!

  2. Much more artistic than a blue tarp!

  3. Very nice ! I have couple of bad views that I am plotting against-small lots are challengeing when the borrowed view is a stucco wall or someones pick-up truck.

  4. Which thunbergias do you use?

  5. Thunbergia elata 'Lemon Star'. I have one growing already I just added some 1 gallon plants to be quicker coverage.