Friday, February 24, 2012

Kraut chronically...err.. I mean chronicles

October a seed is planted
November a seedling transplanted
February a kraut fermented

For those of you who give a crap about cabbage, today would have given you joy. Waiting this long has really build up a lot of anticipation.  They have become like family pets, sitting, waiting out there. If only they knew what I had planned for them...

A brutal beheading happened here today, I callously cut three likely heads of cabbage from my patch.

I'm salivating at the thought of the alchemy that is sauerkraut. Essentially sauerkraut is only these two things; cabbage, and salt.  Everything else is created by microorganisms and time, beautiful right?  There are multiple organisms needed to take plain cabbage to the state that is sauerkraut, all of which are naturally present on cabbage (thank you kraut goddesses).

The sauerkraut process is simple:

Shred a cabbage (or three).
Add salt.
Pound into a container.
Keep air off proto-kraut ( I can make up my own words if I want).
Store in a place that isn't too cold.
Wait a week or so.


  1. Proto-kraut? What a krautonaut! I scored a garden plant from LB Organic, a 10X10, for veg this summer, so watch out!

  2. Watch out?! Is that like game on???

    What will you grow?

  3. I never dreamed I would have cabbage envy.

  4. yay! such inspiration. grow some!

    1. I've been missing out, having now just seen your blog for the first time Dustin! It's great! I like reading your writing. And the kraut you gave me is good! I like it, it's fresh tasting. Thanks! I had a great time hanging out last weekend :D