Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Winter beauties


Guess this is now a series... as I cannot stop with the cabbage posts.  Like a kid waiting for Christmas morning I can't stand the tension.  I've been watching these heads swell for quite some time.  When will they be ready?!!  To tell the truth I have never grown cabbage before.  Normally I focus on more expensive things to grow in the garden. But this year I thought cabbage patch, one to capture our perfect winter growing season and two to make sauerkraut.

So when will they be ready?  I feel like some are ready now. But will they get bigger still? Dunno.  Some are already firm and seem dense. That's good right? And when do cabbages bolt!!?

Cole crazily yours,


Red Acre

Danish Market


  1. Those are so pretty. I'm not sure I would be able to harvest them.

  2. Nice to see the Great Sauerkraut Caper continues. Danish Market looks especially delish. Winter is an amazing growing season. I planted a couple Tuscan kale and some broccoli rabe -- no room for much else, but my mom's got peas and beets, chard.

  3. I know right?! they are so pretty

  4. Denise, that Tuscan kale is sucha champ, you don't have to plant much else...