Thursday, May 9, 2013


I admit that in my own garden it's very difficult not to plant a confetti of varieties.  Last fall I decided that is was time to calm things down a bit in the garden. So, I removed all of the green succulents in my "green succulents bed" and planted one of the objects of my many obsessions. I think it was about five years ago when I found that I could get the variegated form of St. Augustine grass (Stenotaphrum secundatum 'Variegatum'), which of course is a tropical lawn grass.  For years I grew it in a small pot, and loved it. Then when I had the new garden I put into my "lawn chair".  And that was great but not enough.  Back to the ex green succulent bed where I planted the equivalent of a couple flats of plants.   Of course planting a tropical grass in the Autumn is not the best thing to do.  The plants we in a state of suspended animation for about six months but now have begun to really take off. I hope to get this to spread the length of the whole bed even in some shady areas.  I'm addicted to the cream light that comes through this plant in the afternoons.

And,  see what Denise had to say about the plant here.

New monoculture bed.  Maybe it's a lawn, but I'll just call it a ground cover.

Variegated St. Augustine grass

Lawn chair

Lawn chair

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