Monday, March 3, 2014


Ok,  I've been getting some well deserved grief about not having posted about my nearly month long trip to Oaxaca City in southern Mexico.  I had wanted to post while I was away but I found using this blog from my phone was too difficult.  Having wanted to take a little sabbatical, I decided to head south and take an intensive Spanish language course.  While I was based in Oaxaca I had many adventures,  made many friends, ate loads of food and of course admired many lovely plants.

For this first post I'll share with you my favorite spot in the city, which is the church called Santo Domingo.  This spot like the Zocalo is a gathering place bustling with people but Santo Domingo has beautiful plantings all around and the far side of the compound is the home of the famous ethno-botnical garden.

Check back soon for more posts I promise.  ;)

Agave guingola

Big beaned tree