Monday, October 4, 2010

Building on a theme

OK,  I'll admit it...  I get obsessed with things. You know like discovering a black fruited form of pomegranate (Punica 'Eight Ball') and then finding out that it is only available by mail order and tiny.  Well, many things in the garden are like this, propagation, pruning etc.   Last summer I was in the Pacific Northwest when this last obsession was spawned. I had heard of a beach where you could find perfectly round stones, and had seen them for myself at a friends' house in a beautiful display.  I will save the long story and all the trouble and distance I went through to get the concretions, but it was a bit of work to get them.   I packed about twenty pounds of the orbs in my luggage, schlepping them all the way home. When I started to make the garden at the house,  I fantasized about collecting thousands of the concretions to adorn my garden. Of course that would be totally ridiculous.   But then I came up with an acceptable work-around.  I began the work (with a good friend)  of making hundreds of concrete balls, placing them in drifts in the garden.  Mostly they line the edges of "Whiskey Creek", the rain garden, or arroyito.   But then I started to daydream... so many ways to enjoy my knock off Whiskey Creek Beach stones...

See for yourself,  first the inspiration and then the emulation/experimentation.


  1. fascinating! I like the drifts and the stacks. I wonder if a wildly titled stack would look too out of this world.

    did you leave out the beach location on purpose? I'm so curious but at the same time worried that a publicized location will just lead to the beach being depleted.

  2. Ha. no, It is a private beach but it's called Whiskey Creek beach. I don't think you could deplete the beach since they are still coming out of the cliff. Fun right?