Monday, October 11, 2010

Plant of the week: Colocasia 'Diamond Head'

Being a fan for many years of Colocasia 'Black Knight' I was very skeptical of a new black taro cultivar, especially since it didn't look that different. And so many times nurseries are just remarketing old cultivars. During one of my many late night net searches I found C. 'Diamond Head'  and the thing that caught my attention was that it was running, which C. 'Black Night' is not. This would mean that you would certainly get more bang for your buck.  And it would be easy to propagate and share.

When I saw it in a nursery this spring in the flesh and blood, I grabbed it immediately, actually a few.  But once in my possession and I realized that C. 'Diamond Head'  (by the way, why didn't they call it Black Diamond, so much more descriptive) was very different.  Instead of having a dull matte finish it is shiny sort of like an oil slick with that oily rainbow of color.

I have them growing in two situations, one at the edge of a pond (in the water) and one in a pot, both in full sun.  The one at the edge of Whiskey Creek is doing best though the potted specimen is no slouch.  It would also be great in a bog pot.  An excellent addition to a garden noir!

Now I wait to see how it will do or what it will do this winter.

Over and out.

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