Saturday, March 23, 2013

When Agave isn't masculine enough try a Mangave!

Remember the Manwich?  LOL.  It was a man's sandwich. 

Well, now there's  X Mangave.  X Mangaves are an intergeneric hybrid between Agaves and Manfredas.  They have the architectural interest of Agaves with the speckled fun of Manfredas. Why hasn't someone come up with a Manfreda called 'Kahlo' yet?!

Anywho,  a couple years ago I bought an unnamed Mangave from a succulent grower at the Riverside garden tour meeting area.  I had no idea how big it would get but now I know. And judging from the pups I would assume mine is full grown. It's about 2' x 2'.  The deep burgundy ends of the leaves and the spots are a real treat. I hate that I don't know the name of this beautiful clone. If I had to guess I would have to say that it was a hybrid of Agave desmetiana and a Manfreda. 

If you know the name of this plant, it's history or anything at all about it, will you please tell me? Thanks. 


  1. It looks like the 'Macho Mocha' mangave, which grows to the size you described and has purple spots and coloring, more so the more sun it gets. Has yours bloomed yet? It will survive, unlike most agaves, after blooming, but I found that mine got rather messy looking, with new crowns growing on each side of the plant. I ended up digging it up and planting a large pup where the mother plant had been, getting it back to the solitary look I enjoyed. Here's a post I wrote about it:

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  3. Hey Pam, thanks for taking the time to look. This plant has spines and sturdier leaves than M. 'Macho Mocha', which I have grown, but otherwise very similar habit.

    I'll save you a pup for you to try, and drop it off on a future but presently theoretical trip to Austin! Promise. :)